West Kingdom

Remnant of the Old Kingdom, the West is ruled over by the rightful heir to the throne, King Emerson. It makes up the western half of the Human Plains, neighboring the Dwarven Mountains to the north and the East Kingdom to the east.

Before the Rebellion

The western half of the Old Kingdom served as a source for raw materials. Mines to the north gave ore for metal forging. Farms to the south provided surplus goods for refinement and trade.

The mountainous Dwarves of the north aided in weapon development, and remained a stable pillar of support for cultural exchange. Their deep-seated knowledge of combat led to the founding of the Knight School, official training grounds for the Royal Guard, and a place where any and all are welcome to join arms in the brotherhood of combat.

The Rebellion

When Caile loosed his followers on the kingdom, King Emerson defended the West with the Royal Guard. A bloody battle decided the fate of the Old Capital, resting it in the hands of King Emerson. Following the big reveal, all members of the Council of Three were discharged, except the Captain of the Guard, who wisely resigned before the outbreak.

That many of those following Caile wielded magic created a slight anti-magic sentiment in those choosing to remain in the West.

After the Rebellion

After grudgingly relinquishing the Eastern half of his kingdom, Emerson strengthened his defenses, pouring resources into the Knight School. He cut ties with most of the Plane Alliances to focus more on local issues. Support was also allocated to the townspeople, so that they might prosper and outlast the inexperienced people in the East.

West Kingdom

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