Aether Black



Aether Black is a man born from chaos; a world on fire; a kingdom divided. The son of a royal guard colonel and an Academy wizard, he was forced to flee the old capitol at an early age after his family refused to take sides and was mercilessly hunted in response. Their destination, the safe haven of the neutral elves to the south, was unfortunately but a pipe dream. Traveling by moonlight, the three refugees were greeted by wandering elves on the edge of the forest… spies of the newly formed Eastern Empire. His parents were promptly discarded as if common trash while Aether made his escape into the dense forest, disappearing between the trees like water into vapor. Days later an elven scout discovered the boy unconscious and without any recollection of his past. He was taken to the main dwelling located high up in the forest canopy wear he learned the ways of the forest and lived as an elf.

After venturing off on his own Aether became a founding member of the rangers, an elite group of woodsman and soldiers determined to punish those responsible and put an end to the chaos.

Aether Black

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