Welcome to the campaign!

Forget one-shots. Forget ‘first-timers’. Forget everything you thought you knew about D&D 3.5 (don’t worry, you can look it up later.) This campaign is the attempt of several college students to delve into a world of action and intrigue. In short…an adventure.

House Rules

Either because things are flying too fast and loose to check the sourcebook, or because something needs to be tweaked to balance out, or maybe just because somebody wants to grapple, the rules can be modified. This is a learning experience, however, so adherence to the D&D 3.5 regulations, unless I say otherwise, would be appreciated.

Contribution Encouraged

Don’t just tag along for the ride—Play! While everyone is entitled to sit back and watch, don’t let the wallflower vines entangle you without making a Reflex Save first. Additions to this site may be rewarded with XP, gold, spotlight, who knows! Sign up today to receive your fabulous prizes.

WPI Campaign

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